SSR 2017

IEEE Karachi Section Student Representative (SSR) 2017

Selection Criteria and Guidelines


Eligibility criteria for the candidate

  1. Must be an IEEE Student Member.
  2. Must be a member of IEEE Student Branch of IEEE Karachi Section.
  3. Must have attended any Student Congress, whether Pakistan-level or Karachi-level.
  4. Must be willing to resign from the office bearer position of the Student Branch, if applicable.
  5. Must be in third year or no higher than sixth semester of engineering degree.


  1. Every Student Branch can nominate one Student to be SSR.
  2. Candidate must fill the Nomination form and obtain signatures from both the Student Branch Counselor and if possible from the Student Branch Chair on paper.
  3. Scanned copy of the form must be emailed to SAC Chair at by either student or their branch counselor keeping cc each other.
  4. Deadline for nominating student is 20th Feb, 2017. The new SSR shall be announced on 25th Feb, 2017.
  5. SSR will be appointed from March 2017 to December 2017.
  6. Interviews of the short-listed candidates will be conducted by the SAC Chair and its committee as applicable, after which the final decision will be taken by the Section Executive Committee for the announcement of SSR 2017 either by Section Chair personally or through SAC Chair.
  7. Misconduct or failure to comply with set regulations will result in candidate’s disqualification from the process forthwith.
  8. The performance of SSR will be monitored by the SAC Chair and can be removed if not performing properly, by the majority of IEEE Karachi Section Executive Committee on the report of SAC Chair.
  9. The SSR will have voting representation in the Section Committee

Role of Section Student Representative (SSR)


Purpose Statement

To help bridge student branches by keeping IEEE student members informed of current activities and events within the section, region and institute-wide so that student members can effectively network, learn and cooperate as one body.



  • To assist the IEEE Section Student Activities Committee (SAC) Chair in achieving the goals set forth by the SAC such as increasing student membership, increasing the retention rate of graduating students, and increasing student involvement in the i


  • To establish new potential student branches and help existing dormant student branches towards revitalization by conducting IEEE awareness and membership derive seminars.


  • To keep  student  branches  mailing  list  up-to-date  and  be  in  continual communication with all the branch counselors, chairs and mentors so that information at the sectional level pertaining to student technical, research, scholarships, awards and soft skills development activities, events, competition and call for articles/financial proposals will flow effectively top-down to the


  • To ensure that any form of subsidies/funds given out to student branches are received and verified. Also to identify regional/institute call for financial proposals to fund IEEE student activities i.e. EPICS Fund, WIE Fund or etc and encourage/assist for bid.


  • To coordinate with Section Global Integrated Network of IEEE – GINI (if exist in Section) and other Sections SSRs for latest updates regarding national and regional student activities/events/competitions/funds.


  • To encourage student branches to prepare Annual Report of Activities (1 May) and Annual Plan of Activities (1 November) for submit to HQ/Region/Section to get branch rebates.


  • To be pro-active in making recommendations to SAC concerning student programs and policies based on involvement and experiences with section programs and branch


  • To aid in recognizing effective student branches/technical society chapters.


  • To identify potential new Women In Engineering Affinity Group in existing student branches and motivate/help in forming new WIE AGs (if Section WIE AG does not exist).


  • To be in link/contact with Regional Student Representative for latest updates.


  • To constantly keep up-to-date the SSR Operational Manual (if given by Section).



  1. To be fully aware of and understand the goals of IEEE and IEEE Section SAC so as to recognize and implement effective programs or means to meet these objectives. In short – be fully involved.
  2. To be constantly updated in order to be a credible adviser:
    1. Be familiar with the IEEE Bylaws and Section rules.
    2. Attend Section SAC meetings and encourage the attendance of other students in section meetings.
    3. Attend Section Executive Committee Meetings.
  • To keep Section student branches informed of the latest news:
  1. Encourage student branches to send publications/write-up on their activities and uploaded them to the SAC blog/web for sharing and learning purpose.
  2. Be in email exchange with all student leaders.
  3. Update Student Mailing List to ensure effective communication:
    1. To effectively compile the student list, one should first get in touch with all branches chairpersons and Counselors since they should be the first to be informed in times of re-appointment.
    2. In additional, mailing details could be gathered from past SSR & SAC Chair.
    3. The student branch contact list should be shared with SAC Chair and re-new once every six months.


Eventually, continue to be passionate about your role and positively influence those around you.


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